Thursday, 11 August 2011

"Why?" Rioting and looting.

Plans eh? So much for using other people's words for the blog this week.  

With the rioting and looting that has taken place all over England this week, I cannot keep silent. If anyone wanted evidence of emotional immaturity, just read and watch the news. 

I will be succinct for a change.

I am not going to apportion blame. This particular jig-saw has many pieces. There is no one reason behind the behaviour on display. After all, for every person that can be shown to be 'deprived' in some way, there will be another who has experienced similar circumstances and not chosen to riot and loot. The question 'why?' is always interesting.

(In therapy, the question, "when does the problem not happen?" can be illuminating.)

I would just like to use these events to mention some of a person's principle needs again. 
  •      A meaning and purpose in life.
  •      Loving and being loved.                                                                                      
  •     Security in home, work and environment
  •     A sense of autonomy and control.
  •     A sense of community                                                                                                              
  •     The giving and receiving of attention.
  •     Balanced nutrition.
  •     A feeling of status and personal value.
  •     Fun and friendship.
  •     A sense of achievement coming from being stretched in what   we do and think.
  •     The need for privacy.

If someone is experiencing emotional health problems, the roots of the problems can usually be found in this list. 

It is vital that these needs are met to enable people to survive and thrive. If people cannot get these needs met in a healthy way, then they may look for getting them met in unhealthy ways. Unhealthy, anti-social and criminal ways.

I am in no position to say what has caused these riots and looting problems or why. But I will suggest that most of these people have been getting their needs met. But in an unhealthy, anti-social and criminal way.

Add some brain function into the mix, as in, 'emotional arousal causes stupidity' and the consequenses have been plain for everyone to see.

Now back to meeting the needs of my grandsons and the loss of one of my needs. I will write about that next Wednesday.


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